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Pryor: Dems Need to Reach Out to GOP

Updated: Apr 15

David Pryor: Can't we all just get along?

Arkansas Democratic Party chair David Pryor says that, when Democrats are in the majority in Washington in a few months, as expected, they’ll need to eschew the “arrogance” and reach out to work with Republicans, Doug Thompson reports in the Morning News of Northwest Arkansas.

Pryor and his son Sen. Mark Pryor were in Fayetteville with C-list celebrities Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen to rally support for Barack Obama. (GOP chair Dennis Milligan pointlessly took umbrage at their presence in the Natural State here.) Despite all the star power, Obama trails John McCain by double digits in Arkansas in all recent polls.

You can read all about the various rallies that these jokers will be holding around the state over at the Democratic Party website. So if you’re sitting around the house in Hazen and wondering why nothing ever happens in your town and why your life is so miserable, hey, things are getting ready to look up.

I was going to try one last time to talk Arkansas Project Girlfriend (APG) into attending one of these rallies and reporting back for the blog, but I decided I better not try my luck. We’re kind of on the outs right now and she’s not talking to me, but it’s totally unjustified. Look, if you’re gonna buy a giant bag of Halloween candy and just leave it sitting on the damn kitchen counter and think I’m not going to eat it all inside of 36 hours, you deserve what you get.

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