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Pryor Transfers $300K to Dem Senate Campaigns

Updated: Apr 15

Sen. Mark Pryor: Moneybags

Sen. Mark Pryor: Moneybags

If you’re fascinated by the fundraising race between the two major party committees that oversee Senate races—and who isn’t?—you should go read this Congressional Quarterly breakdown of recent financial activity by the campaign committees.

I only point it out as there’s an Arkansas angle: Sen. Mark Pryor, who faces no GOP challenge in his first reelection campaign this year, transferred $300,000 from his campaign bankroll to help out the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee. The move should serve to make Pryor a more powerful player in the Senate.

Last week, The Arkansas Project examined where some of Pryor’s fat campaign bankroll comes from, with a look at giving to Arkansas officials by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and AIG.

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