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Robbie Wills Would Like to Be Your Congressperson Now

Updated: Apr 13

Arkansas Rep. Robbie “Robert” Wills, the supreme leader of the Arkansas House of Representatives, announced today that he’s jumping in to the race to succeed retiring Democratic Rep. Vic Snyder in Congress.

Wills is the second Democrat to announce for the seat—state Sen. Joyce Elliott said last week that she’s running for the Second District seat as well. Three Republicans — Tim Griffin, David Meeks and Scott Wallace — are slugging it out in a primary on the GOP side, and by all accounts the Democratic field is only expected to grow.

Word on the street is that Wills is looking at recent successful campaigns for ways to distinguish himself as the front runner. In fact, he’s been closely studying the Massachussetts Senate race last week for tips on how Republican Scott Brown pulled a shocker upset over Democrat Martha Coakley, and doing everything he can to replicate the Brown playbook:

Some say the media-loving Wills is overexposed. I'm now inclined to agree.

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