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Rounding Up Wyrick’s Support

Updated: Apr 15

I couldnt find a Phil Wyrick photo, so here are some Victorias Secret models.

I couldn't find a Phil Wyrick photo, so here are some Victoria's Secret models.

In going through the daily mail at Arkansas Project World Headquarters yesterday, I was surprised to find an envelope sent to me by Little Rock ladies’ underwear magnate Barbara Graves. I couldn’t imagine what Ms. Graves could possibly want with me, as I usually get my ladies’ underwear fixes by swiping my girlfriend’s Victoria Secret catalogs as soon as they pass over the threshold.

Opening the envelope, I was supremely disappointed pleasantly surprised to find that Ms. Graves’ mailing had nothing to do with ladies’ underwear, and everything to do with raising money for Phil Wyrick’s campaign for Pulaski County Judge.

Buddy Villines spreads Christmas cheer.

Buddy Villines spreads Christmas cheer.

Wyrick is the Republican challenger to incumbent Democratic Pulaski County Judge Buddy Villines, whose indomitable power stems from the fact that he looks a lot like Santa Claus, if Santa Claus wore an ID badge around his neck and carried a cocktail everywhere he went (photo at left).

The fundraising event for Wyrick is September 21, and if you want the details on attending, e-mail me or something.

Of potential interest to Arkansas Project readers is the mix of folks listed as Wyrick supporters on the “Hosts” list for the invitation, which you can read at the jump. The list includes quite a few known Republican names, as you would expect. But there are a couple of Democrats in the mix, as well—including one Democratic state legislator.


Rep. Pam and Frank Adcock

Sherman Banks

Bob Birch

Kim and Granville Broadway

Gene Cauley

Rhonda Coleman

Andy Crawford

Sharon Davis

Rita and Ralph Eskew

Ron Fuller

Pat Gee

Barbara Graves and Barry McDaniel

Sue and Marty Gunaca

Michael Henley

Gary Heral

Andrea Rockefeller-Hobbs and Randal Hobbs

Ed Hogan

Lauren and David Huckabee

Susan and Asa Hutchinson

Eric Jones

Phyllis and John Kincannon

Yvonne and Leonard Kremers

Susan and John Parke

Rosalie and Lando Patton

Wallace Poole

Valerie and Robert Pruitt

Kathy and Mark Riable

Dr. Rick Riley

Lou and Lenore Schickel

Marge and Tom Schueck

Walter and Martha Skelton

Patricia Smith

Don and Carolyn Thompson

J.J. Vigneault

Robert and LuAnne Vogel

Gay White

Lydia Wiley

Barbara Williams

Natalie Wyrick

Dr. Theresa Wyrick and David Glover

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