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Sides Square Off in Arkansas Lottery Debate

Updated: Apr 15

It’s dueling court briefs in the big Arkansas lottery debate of 2008, the Arkansas News Bureau’s John Lyon reports.

Lottery foes the Arkansas Family Council argue to the state Supreme Court that the lottery proposal needs to be thrown off the ballot. They say that since the measure doesn’t define what is meant by the term “state lotteries,” which the Family Council argues will pave the way for casino gaming in Arkansas. (For more on this, Max Brantley at the Arkansas Times and Ernie Dumas at the Arkansas Leader have both explained how it might all come down in recent columns.)

In response, Lt. Gov. Bill Halter, who’s pushing the lottery to fund college scholarships, and Attorney General Dustin McDaniel argue in separate briefs that the “wording of the ballot question is accurate and easy for voters to understand,” Lyon reports.

The court will hear oral arguments on Monday, October 13.

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