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State Legislators Recognized For Conservative Principles

Updated: Apr 13

Tuesday night, the Conduit For Commerce (CFC) hosted an appreciation dinner for conservative members of the Arkansas legislature. Approximately 25 lawmakers were in attendance to receive awards of appreciation for their commitment to limited government and lower taxes. I was privileged to attend the dinner and share a table with Senators Bart Hester and Alan Clark. CFC co-founders Brenda Vassaur Taylor and Joe Maynard, in brief remarks, expressed gratitude to lawmakers for holding the line on the growth of government in the recent legislative session. Taylor and Maynard also laid out their vision for CFC moving forward. In addition, Advance Arkansas Institute President Dan Greenberg praised the lawmakers in attendance for resisting the immense pressure, in the final days of the session, to expand Medicaid through the “private option” — a choice which appears to be more and more vindicated every day. Several lawmakers have expressed their gratitude for being recognized at the event as “Calvin Coolidge Heroes of Freedom” on their social media accounts, including Reps. Justin Harris and Bruce Westerman. State Senator Jim Hendren also tweeted this photo of Senator Hester, Senator Cecile Bledsoe, and himself with their awards. Congratulations to all of the honorees. Thank you for standing for limited government in Arkansas. You can learn more about CFC at and more about AAI at

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