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Stephen Speaks!

Updated: Apr 13


Those thinkers over at the Advance Arkansas Institute made good on their promise yesterday to bring Steve Moore to Little Rock for a speech. And might I just add: it was quite a barn burner.

I’ve provided a video excerpt of Mr. Moore’s comments below. The clip begins with Moore emphatically telling the audience of approximately 100 — which included a large number of state legislators of both parties — about the importance of reforming the tax code in Arkansas.

“If you just stand pat, you’re going to lose ground,” Moore said. “There are 9 states in America that have no income tax…You’re going to hear all of the scare tactics…” But none of the concerns raised in these scare tactics — schools closing, prisons shutting down, elderly people eating dog food — have come to pass in these states that have no income tax. In fact, quite the opposite has occurred: these states are booming in both the public and private sectors. “It’s working big time,” as Moore said.

He continued:

“You want the best public services you can have…but you can’t have that if you don’t have a state economy that’s flourishing…If you get [tax reform] right, you’ll be able to fund the best road system…best public safety…the way you create good, first class public service is by having a robust private sector with a pro-business atmosphere.”

I’ll add a hearty “hear hear” and shut up now so you can hear the real genius speak:

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