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Stuff from Around Arkansas, Dec. 18

Updated: Apr 15

Halter and Beebe: A difference of opinion

Ticket Splitters: Gov. Mike Beebe does not agree with Lt. Gov. Bill Halter’s ideas for how to set up a state lottery, so Halter sent his high school football coach to yell at him. (Arkansas News Bureau)

Parent Trap: The parents of five kids in state care after being taken into custody from weirdo evangelist Tony Alamo’s compound in Fouke now say they’re ready to have their children back. Keep in mind that these are the same people who introduced the kids to the Alamo church to begin with. I’m pretty sure those kids will have a better chance if we just drop them in the middle of the Ozark National Forest and allow a bunch of bears and foxes and woodland critters to raise them as their own. (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette)

Cash, Gas or…?: Arkansas Game and Fish Commission will give environmental regulators a $3.5 million cut from their natural gas bonanza from leases on state lands. In a related story, I found an old five dollar bill in the pocket of this pair of pants that I hadn’t worn in a while. So I’m doin’ OK, too. (AP)

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