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Stuff from Around Arkansas, February 7

Updated: Apr 15

Bobby Jindal

Speaker Series: Gov. Piyush “Bobby” Jindal of Louisiana hits northwest Arkansas tonight to address Washington Co. Republicans at annual fete. (The Arkansas Project)

Delta Dawn: Controversial pork-laden D.C. stimulus package will help Arkansas Delta, Gov. Mike Beebe claims, because nothing else has worked. (Arkansas News Bureau)

Lotto Boredom: Arkansas House will soon take up the lottery bill, and let me go ahead and warn you right now that I’m just not going to follow this at all. (AP)

Ghostwriters: Columnist John Brummett is on vacation this week, so in his place Gov. Beebe and House Speaker Robert “Robbie” Wills published a guest column on their remarkable performance in the big cigarette tax hike vote that went down Thursday. Funny, the Arkansas News Bureau website guys forgot to update the byline. Get with it, website guys! (Arkansas News Bureau)

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