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Stuff from Around Arkansas, Jan. 3

Updated: Apr 15

Proposed climate change upside: More chicks in bikinis. Hooray for global warming!

Hot Under the Collar: A recent David Sanders column raises questions as to whether recommendations put forth by the Arkansas Governor’s Commission on Global Warming are a good idea, so he obviously must be a heretic and should be burned at the stake immediately. (Brummett’s Blog and The Arkansas Times)

Dream, Deferred: The useless and dysfunctional Arkansas Martin Luther King Jr. Commission is going to take steps to make itself marginally less useless and dysfunctional, and will almost certainly fail miserably. (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette)

Conflict Resolution: Blogger Jason Tolbert says Attorney General Dustin McDaniel has “conflict of interest” in defending state in challenge to gay adoption ban due to his financial support for the measure’s opponents. McDaniel says he won’t step aside, but as a compromise, agrees to reset his Facebook relationship status to “Conflicted.” (The Tolbert Report)

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