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Stuff from Around Arkansas, January 16

Updated: Apr 15

Immigrant Song: Illegal immigration enthusiasts continue to thank the stars that laughably ineffectual Secure Arkansas organization is the public face of their opposition. (Times Record)

Penny Saved: Sen. Bobby Glover files bill to cut grocery tax by one penny. Good start, but keep going. (AP)

Out of Commission: Sen. Hank Wilkins proposes to cut useless and dysfunctional Arkansas Martin Luther King Jr. Commission by half. Good start, but keep going. (AP)

I didn't know Bill from Sheridan had a place in Monroe County! (Photo: Washington Post)

McCain Country: Here’s that Washington Post article that everyone is talking about detailing the lack of enthusiasm for Barack Obama in Brinkley, Ark. Now quit wasting time talking to reporters from DC and get back to finding that damn woodpecker. (Actually, you can skip the story, which is the usual “east coaster comes to flyover country and does discount sociology on the locals” thing, and just check out the photo gallery, which is pretty great.) (Washington Post)

World of Wonders: In northwest Arkansas, students learn of school closings via Facebook and text messaging. I look forward to when these modes of communication are finally used widely enough that they’re taken for granted, so that newspaper people will stop writing credulous and wide-eyed stories about them like they’ve just discovered fire. (Benton County Daily Record)

Debt Man Walking: Bill Halter’s ’06 campaign still owes him $448,000, meaning Halter went nearly a half million dollars in debt to be lieutenant governor of Arkansas, meaning Halter is a complete and total retard. (KTHV)

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