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Stuff From Around Arkansas, March 23

Updated: Apr 15

At Last: Lottery bill will finally go to Gov. Mike Beebe for his signature, hooray! Now let us not speak of it again until the inevitable graft and corruption stories spring up, which should be sometime within the next, what, six months or so? (AP)

Globetrotters: Why, look at all these state legislators who had to amend their financial reports to reflect all these sweet trips they got to take last year! (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette)

CSI: Greenberg: Here’s Rep. Dan Greenberg talking about his effort to make criminal background info on public officials more readily available. It’s in some Louisiana newspaper; I have no idea why. (The Town Talk)

The Name Rings a Bell: Sen. Blanche Lincoln: “Barack who? Sorry, never met him.” (AP)

Newsbabes: The Buzz’s David Bazzell launches his local news-babes bracket, and you can vote for your favorite Central Arkansas media lovelies at the Buzz home page. This is just terribly sexist, objectifying these professional women like that, and of course I’m absolutely furious that I didn’t think of it first. (The Buzz 103.7 FM)

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