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Stuff From Around Arkansas, March 26

Updated: Apr 15

Smoked Out: Upset by $14 million revenue shortfall in tobacco tax projections, lawmakers feel confused and betrayed by Gov. Mike Beebe. Will they ever learn to love again? (Arkansas News Bureau)

Unconcealed: Beebe says he’d rather keep concealed carry listings public. Will lawmakers defy the wishes of their sun god? (AP)

Just Stop: Kinkade prediction! In, oh, let’s say three years or so, all this breathless enthusiasm for Twitter is going to seem very very very embarrassing to everyone involved. (KARK)

Toy Story: House committee OKs restrictions on toy guns. But they can never take away my laser pistol! Pew pew pew pew pew! (AP)

Pyle On: Rep. Beverly Pyle moves to crack down on “improper conduct” between massage therapists and clients. In a related story, Rep. Beverly Pyle just became my least favorite legislator ever. (Capsearch Insider)

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