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The A In ADC Doesn't Stand For Artist

Updated: Apr 13

The public wasn’t impressed with this photo.

The Arkansas Department of Corrections (ADC) is giving a new meaning to the term “earned media.” When the ADC released a computer-enhanced photo of escaped murderer Timothy Buffington, reviews weren’t favorable. That’s because it looked like the ADC used Microsoft Paint to modify the photo.

This weekend the ADC, with the assistance of the FBI, released a new round of picture predictions. Admittedly, these are better than the first pathetic attempt, but they’re still not exactly high quality:

Commenters like Eric Ware weren’t very impressed:

To be sure, below-average artwork is only one of ADC’s problems right now. Buffington still hasn’t been caught, and another escapee from ADC’s Texarkana prison also escaped on Saturday before turning himself in on Sunday. However, it’s not asking too much for ADC photos to look more professional than a 5-year-old with an Etch A Sketch. If any ADC employees are interested, I know the Art Instruction Schools are always looking for new students.

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