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The Way We Were: Impeachment ’98

Updated: Apr 15

Asa et al. vs. Bill: Clash of the Titans '98

If you liked the political struggles of the 1990s, then you’ll love this New York Times piece on the impeachment of President Bill Clinton in l’affaire Lewinsky, which, wouldn’t you know it, occurred 10 years ago this week!

It all takes us back to 1998, the year poisonous political partisanship was invented. The story includes commentary from various players, including Arkansas’ own former Rep. Asa Hutchinson, who served as one of the House managers for the impeachment effort back in those gauzy days of yore:

But those managers still believe they did the right thing holding a president to account for breaking the law. “It was a high-stakes battle over historic American values, the rule of law and the Constitution,” former Representative Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas said in an interview this year. “I hope that will be the first line of history — it was a battle over values of extreme importance. Having said that, I think the second line will be that partisan differences meant that they were unable to find a bipartisan solution.”

Other things that were popular in 1998 included the terrible movie “Armageddon” and the television show “Party of Five,” way back before Jennifer Love Hewitt had a huge ass and talked to ghosts. Those were simpler times.

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