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Thoughts on Palin-Biden Debate

Updated: Apr 15

There was a debate tonight! Did you know this? I did not.

There was a debate tonight! Did you know this? I did not.

I took no notes and read no post-debate commentary online. Immediately after the debate’s conclusion, APG (Arkansas Project Girlfriend) switched over to some horrible show on Bravo, so I didn’t hear any punditry. Thus, my unadulterated thoughts:

Gov. Sarah Palin did well. Better than well. I’m talking here about the overall sense of it and will leave the jackals to pick over the carcasses of each exchange, but on the whole she managed herself well and held her own. And hey, she’s been at this six weeks, while Biden’s been at it 36 years. Was it enough to change the course of the race? Probably not, but she didn’t hurt the campaign, and very well may have helped John McCain (certainly more than he’s helped himself this last week).

Gwen Ifill was fine, no better or worse than any other debate moderator. Let it go, team.

I’d feel much better about the Democratic ticket if Joe Biden was at the top.

That's a nice model.

Politicians are always talking about kitchen tables. We don’t have a kitchen table, because it just really wouldn’t work with the layout of our kitchen. We USED to have a kitchen table, but I sold it on Craigslist for $75 when we moved into this house. But now I’m starting to feel like I’m missing out on a key experience of American life. I mean, where can APG and I go to talk about political issues, affordable health insurance or the existential horror that is our life together? With no kitchen table, we’re screwed. I’m going to buy a kitchen table tomorrow morning, first thing.

What was I talking about? Oh, yeah. Good debate.

Update: The ever-punchy Citizens Journal blog deems Palin a “superstar” and the Tolbert Report praises Palin for coming across “as a genuine person to whom people can relate.” Lance Turner says “Palin held her own, Biden was Biden. A draw?” On the left side of the ledger, Max Brantley at the Arkansas Times, whose fathomless loathing of Palin goes well beyond what he feels for most other Republicans, gives a grudging “Palin did reasonably well,” and offers a round-up of other punditry on the debate.

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