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Today’s Poll: House District 67, Breedlove vs. Van Gorder

Updated: Apr 15

John Van Gorder (R, top) and Rep. Steve Breedlove (D)

Let’s do one final legislative poll today, mostly because I installed this poll feature and now I have no idea what on earth I’ll do with it once the election is past. Today: Rep. Steve Breedlove (D) and challenger John Van Gorder (R) in the closely watched District 67 race.

We’ve actually covered this race pretty extensively, for some reason, but here are a couple of last minute notes:

A Van Gorder supporter sends along this audio clip of former Gov. Mike Huckabee’s GOTV call in support of Van Gorder:

The incumbent Breedlove, meanwhile, has the support of Gov. Mike Beebe and other state Democratic honchos. I looked for his ads on YouTube and didn’t find anything, so, uh, here’s his website, for the sake of balance.

And now, to the poll:

[poll id=”6″]

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