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Tolbert: Back Atcha,

Updated: Apr 15

Last week, a Massachusetts-based gay rights group launched a new website,, with a searchable database of the names and addresses of all those Arkansans who had signed the Act 1 petition to ban foster parenting by gay and cohabiting couoples. The site stirred up a little ruckus, and the head of the Arkansas Family Council, Jerry Cox, denounced the move as an intimidation tactic intended to have a “chilling effect” on petition drives.

Today, The Tolbert Report decides that turnabout is fair play and posts an online searchable database of those who contributed to Arkansas Families First, an advocacy organization established to fight Act 1. He’s posted his explanation here. Let the games begin.

Also, Pat Lynch, who opposed Act 1, weighs in with a timely Arkansas Democrat-Gazette column arguing that KnowThyNeighbor’s “hardball response will only reinforce those who are already hopeless bigots and harden many who might have been convinced otherwise.”

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