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Updates From The Capitol

Updated: Apr 13

A quick Tuesday–Wednesday update: Rep. Womack’s occupational deregulation bill was delayed — the House Public Health Committee will likely hear it Tuesday the 24th.

He had better luck with his open criminal records bill, which passed out of the House Judiciary Committee Tuesday afternoon.

Also, his bill to protect the First Amendment rights of photographers was not heard in Senate State Agencies yesterday; it will likely be amended and heard during the Thursday Senate State Agencies hearing.

Sen. Hutchinson’s wine freedom bill failed to make it out of Senate State Agencies. Apparently, his current strategy is to add in more subsidies to appease those who currently oppose it and try again before the same committee.

Sen. Clark’s bill to reform civil forfeiture — and, in particular, to require a criminal conviction prior to forfeiture taking place — appeared to lose 4-4 in Senate Judiciary Tuesday afternoon.

Today, Rep. Gonzales will get a hearing on his bill to disclose the workings of affirmative action in state government during the 10 a.m. House State Agencies committee meeting.

Also, Rep. Jim Dotson’s bill to open the door to occupational freedom to those previously licensed in Arkansas and other states may be heard in the 10 a.m. House Agriculture/Economic Development Committee hearing.

See you at the Capitol today!

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