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We’re All Gonna Rock to the Rules That I Make

Updated: Apr 15

Jon Woods, statesman, rock star. You know, like Bono.

In the “Style” section of Sunday’s Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, you might have come across a brief review of a new CD from the Fayetteville-based band A Good Fight, “The City Could Be Ours by Morning.” Reviewer Kody Ford raves about the band’s “mixture of punk and pop with a gritty edge.” You can sample the sound on the band’s MySpace page here and at their website here.

What you may not know is that the band’s bass player is none other than Arkansas Rep. Jon Woods, a Republican House member from Springdale. I’m not sure if my pointing that out will be helpful to either the band’s career or to Woods’ career as a legislator, but there you go.

You can also download the “The City Could Be Ours…” on iTunes, so get over there and show your support now. And no, this is not the uncomfortable baby boomer classic rock cover band stuff that Mike Huckabee‘s band plays, which is like watching your parents do the macarena at a wedding reception. It’s good, really. Click link below for a sample track.

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