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Arkansas Roundup, August 24

Updated: Apr 13

An Arkansas Project flashback.

Here’s a look at some policy & political happenin’s from around Arkansas this week:

Pass the brownies:  Medical marijuana has been approved for voter consideration on the November ballot. Roby Brock at Talk Business has the scoop about this ‘blunt’ proposal.

A constitutional gamble:  Nancy Todd wants to bring casinos to parts of Arkansas through constitutional fiat, but apparently couldn’t get the language right on her petitions.  The matter has been referred to the state supreme court, but will appear on the ballot regardless of how the court rules, per state law.  If the court rules against Todd, the votes will not be counted.  More on this story from Arkansas News.

Medicaid expansion: Governor Beebe and wanna-be-heir-apparent Attorney General McDaniel support Medicaid expansion, Lt. Gov. Darr opposes it.  Oh, and now that the Supreme Court has ruled, McDaniel feels comfortable saying he made the right decision to abstain from the Obamacare lawsuit.  Such courage!  More from Talk Business.

Baby gorilla born at LR zoo!  Let’s see, a several hundred million dollar Medicaid shortfall and unemployment still above 7%, but the folks at the Arkansas Times are hard at work covering gorilla baby showers and Max Brantley’s eating habits!  Ignorance truly is bliss!

Republicans want to raise your taxes!  No, really. That’s what Michael Cook honestly thinks, according to his post (from a few weeks ago) on Talk Politics.  I just can’t figure out why Cook is so offended–he’s always loved tax increases in the past.

Arkansas shows Romney some love: Mitt Romney made a guest appearance in Little Rock this week.  Reports from Arkansas News & elsewhere say he raked in nearly $2 million on his fundraising trip.  Oh, and Candace Martin of the Democrat Party of Arkansas said Romney didn’t bring running mate Paul Ryan with him “because of his plan to turn Medicare into a voucher system which would devastate Arkansas seniors and families.”  Apparently the DPA prefers a bankrupt Medicare program instead.

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