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Beebe on Global Warming: ‘We Didn’t Listen!’

Updated: Apr 15

Gov. Mike Beebe: Blinding me with science

To follow up on our note below about Gov. Mike Beebe’s weekly radio news thingie: According to the AP’s Andrew Demillo, Beebe said Friday that he does not believe global warming is a hoax, and in fact he believes it to be “a threat.”

But perhaps more importantly, Beebe goes on to say he doesn’t believe state-by-state action will address this threat:

Beebe, however, said he doesn’t think the problem can be solved through individual state actions and said that measures such as a so-called “carbon tax” must be looked on from a national level.“If there’s going to be a carbon tax, if there’s anything on fuel-efficient or lack of fuel-efficient cars, it’s going to have to be on a national basis,” Beebe said. “A state-by-state approach with it is not going to solve the problem.”

That sounds as if Beebe’s prepared to reject some of the loopier recommendations coming out of the Governor’s Commission on Global Warming, which seems more newsy to me than whether or not he believes global warming is a “hoax.” I don’t care what Beebe thinks about that, because he’s not a scientist.

I, however, AM a scientist, and have won numerous awards for science stuff, so if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to slip into my white lab coat, break out my beakers and bunsen burners, and get to the bottom of this once and for all.

Update: In Charlie Frago’s Arkansas Democrat-Gazette story on this matter, he notes that Beebe said in December that Arkansas could probably afford to adopt “15 or 16” of the commission’s recommendations.  It was in that long Q&A published on December 21, which I had completely forgotten.

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