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Poll: How Big a Disaster Area is Arkansas ‘Recovery’ Site?

Updated: Apr 15

The horror. The horror.

Gov. Mike Beebe introduced his “Recovery” website on Monday with a great flourish as a resource for tracking federal economic stimulus spending in Arkansas, and let me tell you, if someone set out to design the ugliest damn site they could possibly create, then they have succeeded like you would not believe.

Because this thing is uuuuuuug-ly. (Particularly when compared with the Obama administration’s rather elegant site.)

I asked my web designer friend Rob to offer an expert critique of the site, but after he took a look at the hideous riot of typefaces and textual alignments that comprised the homepage, he just dissolved in tears and fled the building. I’ll give him a call later and see how he’s holding up.

Anyway, we haven’t done an Arkansas Project poll in a while, so I figured I’d go ahead and throw one up for kicks. The question, for your consideration:

[poll id=”8″]

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